Amarcord is the title of a famous film by Federico Fellini ‘s movies (pronounced “amarkɔrd”, a Romagna neologism (sub-italian dialect) that means “Remember” with the meaning of ‘nostalgic revocation’

Amarcord; a World to Remembers !

Remember our beautiful places, the special moments spent here, the unforgettable flavors tasted, and all that the nature and our work could offer you.This is what we want give at those who will choose to visit Amarcord venues in Veli Rat, and Sakarun Bay , here on the  magic island of Dugi Otok – Croatia . 

How to get there;

In the white sandy beach of Sakarun you could have refreshments light meals, salads and and drinks at the charming wood cottage Amarcord Sakarun shade of a fresh pinewood,where you can do lunch and dinner with delicious Pizza on the Beach cooked at 20m.far from the sea. In Veli Rat, you can sleep in a old ex school converted into a comfortable Bed and Breakfast Amarcord Skola.

More than these places we could offer you different services at your request directly in your boat or in the houses (always in the north of Dugi Otok) where you spend your hoidays.

This is the Amarcord World, made by Beatrice &  Darko,  her Italian cook, he Croatian fisherman, now both the project managers, who run in cooperation with a local team and workers from different European countries

Amarcord is a world of tasty memories, that you will bring it back with you even at the end of your holiday spended here, and You Are Welcome in !